We supply all kinds of old Hill tribe textiles, embroidered fabrics, costumes, batik, baby carriers and hand woven hemp which can be collected as a disappearing art form or used to make your own bags and clothing.

Hill tribe house also designs modern fashionable clothing, bags and accessories inspired by tribal costumes and fabrics from the border areas in the North of Thailand.

Clothing designed and made by us at Hilltribehouse

At Hilltribe house we design and make our own clothing . Our designs are inspired by Tribal costumes and are made from good quality Hemp and Cotton fabrics with selected original, vintage Hill Tribe textiles.  This combination makes each piece of clothing unique.  You can see are designs in our shop and the fashoin review gallery where we display designs that have appeared in the Fashion Review magazine.


Handwoven cotton dyed with natural dyes
fabric  Artisans in the Notrh East of Thailand and Laos produce some beutiful hand-woven cotton fabrics that have been dyed with natural dyes such as Indigo, Krang, Thai Ebony, Mango and Jack friut.  The process is controlled by the women who dye the yarn which is then woven into rolls of beutiful cloth.  We regularly travel to the villages in both Thailand and Laos to select the fabrics for our shop.
Vintage Hill Tribe textiles and costumes 

For many years , we at Hilltribehouse have been collecting Hilltribe textiles from Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and China.  Our policy is to presrve the best pieces and recycle the damaged costumes by re-claiming the embroidery, applique and indigo dyed batik.  The re-claimed textiles are used in our original fashion designs.  You will find a range of textiles and original costumes in our shop.  Please contact us if there is anything that you want but cannot see in our shop.

Bags, Scarves and other accessories
Home Decor
We make a range of cushions and bedspreads fron vintage hilltribe textiles.  cushions